UPDATE---> I am pleased to announce that I have just published my own book for the first time! It's an illustrated storybook of Lewis Carol's The Jabberwocky, and it should be suitable for all ages. You can take a look at it by clicking here, and if you wish to buy a copy it's only $9.95 (Or $5.00 to download.) Enjoy.



Unfortunately I suspect that Comic Book Expo plans will be cancelled do to a shortage of funds. I'll still be attending, under cover as a regular nerd, so if you happen to spot me I congratulate you on your powers of observation. (Hint: orange hair. Very orange.)



Resume is now live. To potential employers, I am currently looking for work during the summer months, and will be available full-time upon my graduation in 2010.
In other news, for those of you who live in the Calgary area, this year I will be manning a table at the Calgary Comic Book Expo, and possibly Otafest if I have the time. I'll be selling signed prints, sketches, and miscellaneous merch. Hope to see you there. =)






I've fixed most of the broken links that were floating around. I'll be uploading my resume and adding more content soon.
I'd also like to draw your attention to my fellow designers and illustrators, all of whom are worth a peek. (Remind me if I've forgotten anyone.)
Ben Leonard
Amanda Kadatz
Mariella Villalobos
Andrea Tamme
Drake Tsui
Lauren Bell
Lionel Cipriano
Josiah Bilagot
Marcel Hrk



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